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Mrosebeauty provide the latest in fashion and beauty. We started out in 2019 creating our home made lipgloss, matte liquid lipstick, hand made bracelets&anklets.then we added clothing and other accessories for our fashionista.

A message from the CEO


My name is Mellisa Seymour and I am the C.E.O. of Mrosebeauty&More. My business was established in 2019. When I decided to step out on faith, I was inspired to come with the name of my business because of my late Aunt.


She always told me how proud of me she was, and that I will always be good in life.she also went by the name Rose.


As a business owner, I pride my self on good customer service, not just because I want your money but because I genuinely want my customer to be satisfied. Knowing my customers are happy gives me a different kind of joy.


I offer affordable natural, pigmented ,glitter,hand made lip glosses, cute fashionable pieces. comfortable sandals, mini-bag packs and more.